Over the years, Stranda Hotel underwent several expansions and upgrades. It grew in size and facilities, attracting more visitors. It eventually became recognized as one of the premier mountain hotels in the region, offering a wide range of activities for guests, including hiking, mountain climbing, and skiing.

During World War II, the hotel was occupied by German forces and used as the headquarters for the German command in the area. After the war, Stranda Hotel reopened to the public and continued to be a popular destination.

Today, Stranda Hotel is a modern establishment with comfortable rooms, modern amenities, and breathtaking views of the mountains and fjord. The hotel is renowned for its hospitality and its dedication to providing guests with a unique experience of the natural beauty of the Sunnmøre region.

Stranda Hotel is also a popular choice among ski enthusiasts due to its proximity to Strandafjellet, one of Norway’s top ski resorts. The hotel offers ski storage and direct access to the ski slopes just outside the door.

This combination of natural beauty, history, and modern comfort makes Stranda Hotel an attractive destination for both Norwegian and international guests looking to experience the best of the Sunnmøre region.